Susan (missy1007) wrote in wdwcpspring06,

question about transportation to Vista Way

This question goes out to anyone who has traveled from the airport in Orlando to Vista Way - what is the most convenient way? I was planning on using Mears, but now I see you need to make a reservation and it costs $18. I thought it was free, first of all, and nowhere on the College Program website did it mention needing to make a reservation. Do you really have to do that, or can you just show up? I'm not entirely sure as to when I'll actually be ready to pick up transportation - the whole baggage claim, getting to baggage claim, etc scenario can be tricky. If I make the reservation and I put a certain time down and miss that time will I be able to take the next bus? Sorry if this is all confusing, but I guess I am a little confused to say the least:) Hope someone can help - thanks to those that do!
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